NEW THREADS THEATRE COMPANY will have five exciting programs:

·      NEW WORKS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM: Identifies and work with local and national playwrights to develop new scripts from rough to final draft.

·      IN DIALOGUE PROGRAM: Uses a unique format to present scaled-down “staged readings” of established plays that are immediately followed by forums (Talk-Backs) that engage audiences and theatre workers in a discussion of the work and themes presented.

Both the New Works Development Program and the In-Dialogue Program will assist New Threads Theatre Company in developing and identifying playwrights, actors, and directors to continue working with while building a core audience for the company.

·      T-SHIRT SHAKESPEARE: Is the education and outreach program of New Threads Theatre Company. The program will be made up of 6-8 New Threads Theatre Company associate members, who will tour to schools (K-12) and perform scaled down productions of classical and academically required texts. (i.e: Macbeth…The Crucible.)

·      FUNDAMENTALS REGIMEN: New Threads Theatre Company members and associate members will meet for a two hour company meeting every other week. The first hour will be given to theatre training (FUNDAMENATALS REGIMEN) and the second hour will be filled with company business and decision making.  FUNDAMENTALS REGIMEN will provide the company with a weekly time to grow as individual artists and as a company, while creating a shared theatrical vocabulary. The company meeting will provide deadlines and space for company business.

·      PRODUCTION PROGRAM: Mounts full-scale productions of material that has already been “work-shopped” through the New Works Development Program as well as material that has been “work-shopped” through the In Dialogue Program. The Production Program relies on both New Works and In Dialogue, which generate content and build audiences (respectively) to achieve the New Threads primary objective of starting conversations and building community through theatre.